Radio and TV Reporter, Presenter and Broadcaster, Actor, Voiceover Artist, Pundit, Freelance Journalist
Graham Swain
NUJ: 025496  SPOTLIGHT: 0453-5616-5550  EQUITY: M00219090  BECTU: 0520843
Graham Swain
NUJ: 025496  SPOTLIGHT: 0453-5616-5550  EQUITY: M00219090  BECTU: 0520843
Radio and TV Reporter, Presenter and Broadcaster, Actor, Pundit, Freelance Journalist

Media Broadcaster, Pundit, Actor, Performer, Voiceover Artist & Journalist

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"Director Rob Stone emailed me with some sound advice. He said I shouldn't rely on anyone from BGAFD, and he was quite right. The only person of twenty or more 'from the net' who said they were eager to appear was Graham, an actor I keep seeing in things as diverse as 'Elizabeth - The Golden Age' and 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks', in the Identify Parade round. On the plane he ended up playing a strong comedic role by being terribly British when performers performed on the seat next to him (e.g. not complaining and watching out of the corner of his eye while pretending to ignore the action) and even stepping over two girls to reach the toilet. Wonderful stuff."
Paul Smith - Executive Producer, Come Fly With Me, Feature Film DVD

"Graham produced a fine set of in-depth reports, working under difficult conditions. His reports were aimed at a multinational audience and were accessed many times on the Internet. Graham produced a CD of the daily diary of events, which is currently commercially available (JORDAN II SPEED TRIALS THRUST SSC). I will definitely use Graham on my next project".
Richard Noble - Project Director, Thrust SSC Project

"As a programme syndicator who relies heavily on freelance contributions, I can confirm that Graham's expertise is of an extremely high calibre".
Graham Baffye - Senior Producer, London Radio Service

"Graham is particularly talented in terms of origination of good ideas, coupled with detailed research. He shows attention to detail and has a particular concern for results".
Mark Hellings - Producer, BBC Motoring and Leisure Sports

"Graham has adapted his radio style well to TV. He presented a fresh face and a new point of view on a difficult subject. We will definitely use him again".
David Harman Producer - Torque Show, Channel One TV

"Graham has provided voice-overs for many of our interactive CD ROMs. His work is always of the highest professional standard and is clear and well presented. We will continue to use him for future projects".
Colin Talbot - Director, Setra CDs Ltd.


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